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We offer affordable counseling and psychotherapy referrals to qualified Gestalt therapists who are in enrolled in our training program, as well as to Gestalt Center graduates and faculty.  Our therapists are located at the Gestalt Center (37 East 28th Street in Manhattan), throughout Manhattan, in Brooklyn, Queens, Rockland County, and parts of New Jersey.




A Gestalt Therapist is . . . an ever unfolding, growing, alive person who makes him/herself available to those in psychic pain.  She/he is attentive, interactive, responsive, self-aware, non-judgmental, patient and respectful, unique, willing to be open about who s/he is, flexible, ethical, honest, playful, accepting, creative, an artist.

Each Gestalt therapist will be different, not a clone or imitation of Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt Therapy, or of Marilyn Rosanes-Berrett, the founder of our Center, or any other teacher, but a vital catalyst in a creative process between the patient and therapist.


Our therapists are skilled professionals of diverse ethnic, cultural and personal backgrounds (some bi-lingual).  They come from a variety of training disciplines, including licensed social workers, psychologists, couselors and psychoanalysts, and they accept most private insurance.



Fees are on a sliding scale basis.  There is a one-time $35 intake fee paid to the Center.

Out of work?  No insurance?  On a limited income?  Therapy is still available to you.  We even have special student rates.





All therapy and counseling inquiries are welcome and will be responded to promptly.  After the intake session at our Flatiron district offices in Manhattan, the client is matched as soon as possible with an appropriate therapist.  The client and therapist then arrange for a consultation at the therapist's private office.  Once the contact is made between the therapist and client, all fees are paid directly to the therapist and the Center is no longer involved, unless there is a problem or another referral request.


To arrange for a referral to a therapist, or for further information, contact us at (212) 387-9429 or email us at: therapy referrals.

Please note: the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training is not a psychiatric or crisis intervention facility.  If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts you must dial 911 or go to your nearest hospital.
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